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Younis Khan’s mother passed away recite Surat Fateha for her

Younis Khan Mother Died And People Across Pakistan Are Deeply Grieved!

The most famous sports in Pakistan is cricket and in the players of cricket Younis Khan is one of the most famous player ever witnessed in the history of Pakistani cricket. To our utter dismay, the mother of Younis Khan died.

Today on August 2019 in a local hospital the mother of Younis khan left the world. This was a massive shock for the famous Pakistani cricketer, Younis Khan. Younis’s mother was going through her treatment in a local hospital.

The mother of Younis Khan has been extremely ill that is why she was getting treated in a local hospital. Despite being busy in his life and being abroad in his cricket affairs, Younis Khan always took time for his mother and tried to admit her in the best hospitals.

However, humans are immortal and according to Islam, “Every soul shall taste death”, Younis’s Mother left for the heavenly abode. Certainly, every soul has to departure one day or another. Besides, the accurate time for “Namaz-e-Janaza” of Younis khan mother is yet be known and shall be announced later.

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The mother of Younis Khan was hospitalized in September 2018. Soon after her admittance Younis Khan requested the world to pray for mother.

Younis said, “A request to all friends, family & fans to please keep my great mother in your duas. She is admitted in a hospital. May Allah SWT grant her Shifa ASAP. Ameen. Thank you.”

Younis Khan began his international cricket career on February 13, 2019. His one of the first matches was against Sri Lanks and it was held in Karachi, Pakistan. Younis Khan has made various world’s records in his active years. Moreover, a plethora of matching-winning performances were given by Younis Khan.

Moreover, Younis khan scored more than 10,000 runs with 34 centuries in his test match career. Besides, he broke the record of Javaid Miandad of the highest score in test cricket. The player got retired in 2017. Sadly, the mother of such a brilliant player in Pakistan is no more with us.

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